No More Wasting Time at the Gym With These Awesome Ways to Maximize Your Workout!

No More Wasting Time at the Gym With These Awesome Ways to Maximize Your Workout!

There are so many reasons to get moving. We all know that getting enough physical activity can lessen your risk of depression, stress, anxiety, and help you sleep better. Physical activities such as regular walking, basic cardio exercises, and weight-lifting can also help improve your mood, stability, balance, and coordination, and strengthen your muscles. So it is totally fine if your main goal for hitting the gym is to lose weight. Did you know that physical activity builds or maintains muscle mass as you lose weight? Yup, that's according to research by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and that fact will keep your metabolism humming along even when you reduce the number of calories that you eat. And I am sure no one works hard for just so-so results. Everyone wants to get the best out of every rep, set, and a hard-earned bead of sweat. To get the biggest benefit out of every session you do at the gym, here are incredibly efficient ways to maximize your workout.

Never do something that you do not enjoy.

Why? Well, I am sure if you force yourself to do something that you do not really like doing, you will just get lazy to do it or stop eventually. And you won't achieve your goals if you are not dedicated to working out regularly. So choose an exercise that you will actually do and not hate every second of. That way, you will more likely to work harder and stick to your routine more consistently. If you hate jumping, you can still reach your goals without jumping.

You can never go wrong by doing some cardio exercises.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a gym membership or you are too busy to enrol in a workout class, just do cardio. You can do cardio exercises no matter how in shape you are. There are a lot of fun cardio exercises that can help you burn calories. You can go for a walk, walk up and down the stairs, swim, or hop on your bike.

Incorporate HIIT once a week into your routine.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can boost your resting metabolic rate for long after you finish exercising. You can try HIIT on your own by alternating between a few minutes of steady-state cardio and a minute of all-out effort.

Lift weights.

Yes, doing just cardio can still burn calories if your main goal is losing weight. However, lifting weights is important too. It helps build muscle to increase your metabolic rate. Also, weight training burns just as many calories as doing cardio. In fact, if you spend at least 20 minutes of weight training per day, you will more likely to gain less abdominal fat compared to those who spend the same amount of time doing only cardio.

Take recovery days when you need them.

Do not stress your body by overworking. That may just lead to injury or burnout. Understand that healthy weight loss takes time, so you should train smart and take a rest. Taking recovery time will ultimately help you reach your goals quicker. Take at least one rest day per week or take an active rest by going for a walk or restorative yoga.

Limit your rest as much as possible.

Did you know that the longer you keep your heart rate elevated, the harder your body needs to work? So it is recommended to limit your rest. You can set a timer for 30 to 60 seconds so you won't waste time between exercises.

Aim for eight to twelve reps.

It is important to pick a pair of dumbbells that you can lift for about eight to twelve reps. Shooting for at least eight reps per set will help you accomplish targetting both strength and muscle-building. 

These simple yet effective tips will help you make every minute of every workout really work. 

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